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 Moon/Rainbow Magic

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Abeash Hawthorne


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PostSubject: Moon/Rainbow Magic   Thu Jun 18, 2015 10:38 pm

Beings who have the power of the moon/rainbow have the following abilities:

  • Using one ice-based spell .

  • Usage of lunar-themed spells.

  • The ability to be invisible for a limited amount of time.

  • Usage of one water-based spell.

  • Usage of Rainbow spells.

These users are nicknamed "Omega Users".

The users who are blessed by the moon, rainbow, or both, are granted access to the usage of an ice spell (if desired by the member) and a water spell (if desired by the member) which are weaker by 30%. If they are pure moon users, they have access to spells that are lunar-themed. Both fairies and witches are allowed to have Moon powers.

If they are pure rainbow users; they have access to rainbow-themed spells. Only fairies can be rainbow users.

If they are a mix between both moon and rainbow; they have access to both lunar and rainbow-themed spells. Only fairies are allowed to be a mix of both spells.

The moon and rainbow spells both do the same elemental damage; both powers do the same damage, they just have different appearance. The elemental damage they have is named Omega. The Omega elemental damage allows the users to deal extra damage to psychic and light spells, and at the same time weaker to wind and fire spells. 

Omega witch users are 25% stronger in the night, and weaker by 25% on the day.
Fairy Omega users are 25% stronger in the day, and weaker by 25% on the night.
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Moon/Rainbow Magic
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