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 Sylvia Browne

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PostSubject: Sylvia Browne   Fri Jan 11, 2019 9:30 pm

name: Sylvia Browne  


Gender: female

Creature: Fairy Turned Witch

Home planet: Eraklyon


Origins:Magic User

Power: Psychic Energy

healing aura - allows the user to heal small wounds and cuts but can only be used on someone else. the user cant use it  (low)

illuminating shield - a defense spell that surrounds the user  with a shield made of psychic light energy which is strong depending on your current will power (medium)

psychedelic harmony - best used around a crowed as their energy will power the attack. It allows the user to blast foes with powerful beams of  psychic energy which causes them to be drastically weakened depending on their inner strength leaving, it takes allot of energy to use this spell and can leave the user feeling weak after using it so it only used on dire circumstances (high)

Psychological blast - allows the user to attack foes with a psychic wave (medium)

teleportation - allows the user and anyone up to three people to teleport long and short distances depending on your current will power (medium )


Sylvia's casual wear 1 pre witch.:

Sylvia's casual wear 2 witch.:

Sylvia's magic winx = pre witch life:

Sylvia's gloomix.:

sylvia's disenchantix, drawn by lexi <3:

sylvia's dark sirenix, drawn by lexi <3:

sylvia has a sly personality, she knows shes seen as beautiful which she uses to her advantage, when she blends in with the crowd she uses her skills of manipulation into making others do what she requests despite not thinking about the circumstances. shes never honest with anyone as she cant trust anyone (due to past events when people used her) and likes to exploit the weaknesses of others around her to gain what she desires by using tricks and wits. she can be quite crazy and unprintable, switching personality types at will due to her not letting other see her true nature. she likes to give the illusion that she is in control and wont let anyone stop her from achieving her goals.

despite this she does have a nice side to her, when it comes to her family she would do anything for them, even though there are a few of them left she is still determined to be reliable and assist them in any circumstances despite what ever happens. she can also be very loyal and keep to her word ,if you be honest with her, she could eventually warm up to you and see you as a "friend" which she would try to make sure you wont be hurt or endangered by anything. she can still be a  bit of a prankster as its something she can never change but once she warms up to you her pranks and tricks are just mild and for fun unlike her tricks and pranks she uses if you are an enemy of hers. although it would take a while for her to warm up to anyone as she sees everyone as a potential threat


  • she's intelligent, seeing that everyone else is not as bright as her she's able to take advantage of their stupidity and twist any situation so she comes out on top by using her skills of manipulation.

  • she's also great as illusion and disguise, she's constantly changing her appearance.

  • she can adapt to any environment she's faced with, weaver its desserts or busy citys. she is always prepared for wherever she ends up and always finds a way to survive.


  • her powers rely heavily on using the energy surrounding others to help amplify the effect of each spell, if she isn't surrounded in a crowed and on her own her powers wont do any good

  • Due to her ego and determination not to fail she can be easily overpowered by others who team up together to surprise attack her. since she's often find other attempt at teamwork to be nothing more  than a joke and dismisses their potential

  • her powers are weak to mind control and illusion as if she hasn't got a clear mind, she cant focus and use her powers effectively. she tries not to get confused

history: pre fairy form
slyvia was born on the planet of eraklyon. her family were not the richest in the kingdom but it didn't bother her that much as she was content with what she had.
she was the oldest of two ( her and her little sister kira) and would always watch out for her sister. because of her healing spells her family become close to the royal family and she would always be requested to visit the palace and use her powers if any of the family member were ill. the kings saw potential in Slyvia at a young age of 8 and began to tutor her and give her private lessons alongside Disaspro to help make their powers grow stronger.

But something wasn't right when she attended the palace, despite her whole family being invited she was always ordered and told to preform her magic away from her family at all times.

at the ages of 13 sylvia had been preforming magic and learning greater spells and was surly making progress but more and more she was studying, the less she saw of diaspro, they use to be taught by the same tutor but now diaspro was enrolled at eraklyon collage courtesy of the king, it seemed he was more interested in the potential of slyvia's talent.

when slyvia would return to the palace to practice more magic spells as the king requested she felt there was something off about all of this. the spells she was being assign to use were drastically getting different from her basic psychic ability's and focused more on defense, long teleportation spells to even spells about mind reading and control which she couldn't even preform since it wasn't a specialty in her power. the more and more she thought about the spells it confused her, why was she learning these things? she hadn't even got a fairy form yet, shouldn't she focus on that?

whatever the reason slyvia still kept to her orders and did what exactly the king ordered until one day when she was 16 she noticed something. no one was around the palace when she was requested to attended, her curiosity got the better of her and she crept inside the library located in the palace, inside she found heaps of books but one specifically caught her eye, it was already lying out and had been marked with specific sections saying "she must learn" learn what?

slyvia began to read the sections while still keeping a lookout in case someone caught her to see what was going on, the more she read, the more she understood, all these spells and tactics were suppose to be learned by her, not only that but they were training her to be weapon.

there were talks about someone predicting that an army of shadow monsters lead by three witches would concur the three schools then head for the kingdoms so the Royal family and their advisers took matters into their own hands and tried to create a solution and defense mechanism for eraklyon so it wouldn't fall, that's when they took interest in a small girl at a young age who healed the queen, her psychic powers were good but they could be advanced with the right direction.

after hearing this sylvia felt disgusted, she knew what they planned at last for her and she wasn't going to let their plan take fold, in a fit of rage she began destroying the kingdom by blasting it with the various spells she had been taught by the royal family in spite, she wasn't going to be used and manipulated like she was just an object. despite her actions Diaspro managed to capture her where she was locked in the vaults underneath the castle for her crimes of treason. slyvia didn't stay there for long as she managed to get a messaged to her parents whom , despite the circumstances, managed to break their daughter out of the vaults due to their metal manipulation powers. however due to this the only one to escape was slyvia. her parents were captured and disposed of while her little sister kira was no where to be found, many claim she was gone along with her parents but sylvia never believed that, she was determined to find the location of her sister, even if she was banished or killed.

sylvia went on the run, never returning to her home as what she had left there was very little, she would still keep up to date with the local news by learning about it in news papers and online but as far as she was concerned, eraklyon was not her place anymore, she spent the last few years going from place to place, all around the magical dimension trying not to be caught by people who might reconise her as the runaway fugitive from eraklyon.

fairy form and becoming a witch
slyvia discovered her fairy form one night at the age of 17 when she helped someone from being robbed, seeing injustice as an old lady's purse was getting robbed she blaster the criminal with a low attack causing him to run away and drop the purse. the act of kindness not only gave her a fairy form finally but it also defined her with a purpose. acting as a criminal she decided she was going to rid the world of any injustice and free those who had been wronged by those with a higher class. starting with diaspro  for stopping her those many years ago.

At the age of 19 she snuck into diapro's princess ball after hearing the news and  created chaos. targeting sky she wanted him dead but was only to be stopped by his girlfriend bloom and a bunch of alfea faeries. after being knocked out she awoke at the fairy school attending classes  for a few weeks but something didn't suit her right. positive magic didn't suit her at all, she needed  to get out of this school asap. but there was no way.

when being forced to show the new girl around the halls of alfea slyvia took this as a chore, the two teacher the highest tower at alfea and due to the poor girl asking too many questions, sylvia threw her out the window, causing her to fall to her death. this act of cruelty change slyvia forever, she was more sadistic and vile in her attitude. enjoying the dead mess she made, even trying to steal the dead girls shoes. when the police came to take the criminal away something changed the officers mind and they let her go, surprising she discovered they worked for cloud towers headmistress where she was taken and offered a place at cloud tower to become a full fledged witch. she was please and willing to bid by girffins rules if it meant she could require more power to put he goal into motion.
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Sylvia Browne
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