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 Transfusion Based Magic

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PostSubject: Transfusion Based Magic   Fri Jan 11, 2019 9:10 pm

Users of Transfusion conduct magic through metals with the usage of two elemental powers. transfusion magi cannot work with non-ordinary metallic weapons as it blocks out the magic coming from the user. if not balance, transfusion magic has a high percentage of backfiring and harming the users/those surrounding them. transfusion magic spells cannot be used without the use of the users specific magic metal. when creating a transfusionist please state the type of metal they use and how they use it in its form suited to the oc

At first the basic user learns the ability of one elemental power and as they master it they can progress and learn a secondary element. the second elemental ability is 50% weaker than the primary ability.

the following power mix's are acceptable when creating a transfusionist user

Electricity & Technology
Electricity & Metal Manipulation
Fire & Wind
Food & Art
Ice & Water
Illusions & Jinx
Love & Psychic
Love & Toys
Metal Manipulation & Morphix
Morphix & Water
Photokinesis & Darkness
Poison & Jinx
Psychic & Illusions
Shape-shifting & Almost all magical powers
Sound & Technology
Toys & Art
Wind & Sounds
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Transfusion Based Magic
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