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 Asami Bishop

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PostSubject: Asami Bishop   Fri Jan 11, 2019 9:00 pm

Name: Asami Bishop

Age: 21

Gender: female

What Creature Are you?: fairy

Race: mercury

Allegiance: The forces of good

Origins: magic user

Powers: transfusionist - fire/wind (fire being the primary element, and wind being secondary)


  • breath of air - a defense spell that surrounds the user into a tight bubble by stabbing their sword into the ground bellow them. deflecting attacks. By 20% this lasts for 15 - 20 seconds. (medium)

  • firery heat - allows the user to shoot fire balls at an opponent from her blade. This lasts for 5 seconds.(Low)

  • igniting flames - the users blade is ignited in flames, allowing them to aim the flame at an oponent. This spell lasts for 20  - 30 seconds. (Medium)

  • soaring blaze - the user spins their blade rapidly in the air, aiming the attack at an oponent. Trapping in a spinning whirlwind of flames for 40 seconds. This attack does 30% damage. (High)

  • air swift - the user sends a small gust of wind at an oponent. Causing them to be pushed back for a few seconds depending on the size of the gust. (Low)

casual wear:

Magic winx:

Formal wear:


  • art of sword fighting - asami is high trained in sword fighting and can take an opponent down with ease with her blade when she's determined and driven.

  • great statistic and soldier - asami is light on her feet, quick to analyse a situation with a reliable solution and driven to follow orders without hesitation.

  • strong against omega users - her magic is strong against moon/rainbow magic, giving her an advantage over that power.


  • weak to metal manipulation - due to the fact she uses her metal sword to cast her magic spells, she cannot use her magic if her sword is taken from her, since she will have no access to the metal.

  • over achiever and perfectionists - due to her over achieving personality, asami has been seen at times to be reckless and irresponsible, throwing herself into deadly situations for the sake of protecting others or completing her tasks/missions. she puts others before herself, not realizing the implications this could have as she strives for perfecting her crafts.

  • unsociable - due to her upbringing and hostile environment, asami has very little social skills and can barely hold up a casual conversation in day to day life.

Personality: asami is a very caring, yet cold individual. while she does care deeply for those she is in debt to and vows to protect them no matter what, she isn't the most sociable person and usually doesn't speak unless someone address's her, she's polite with manors due to her upbringing. addressing everyone with a title, even if there isn't a need to do so in the first place. even when living in a hostile planet on the verge of war with itself she keeps a positive attitude, hoping that if she continues through the hardships that things will eventually resolve and peace will once again occur. due to her over perfecting attitude she can come off as rather rude and pretentious, not to mention quite intimidating since she'll make it perfectly clear she doesn't like you, usually ending in some sort of warning for your not to cross paths with her again if you wish to live without a fight.

History: asami was born on the planet of mercury, a realm once known for its peace but has fallen into dismay after a ruler of tynary gained power. asami's family grew up working in the royal palce, while she was home schooled by her mother at a young age, starting at 5 like a regular child when they enter school,  learning basic maths and common knowledge of how things happened in magix. It was a quiet cosy life for a young child at the time. Her family being descendants of royal guards whom use to dedicate their entire life to the rulers of the land, to this day once descendant from every generation of asami's family is trained to become a knight, being an only child asami's training started t the young age of 10 when she received her blade.

training everyday for 6 years, she perfected her craft in sword fighting and one faithful day when in the palace courtyard, asami discovered her magical abilities when swinging her sword in the air, causing a flame to ignite on the end of the blade. unsure of what this meant, she tried recasting the spell with her hands but soon realised she needed metal to unleash her magical abilities.

at the age of 18 she continued her knight training in terms of strategy and politics, earning a great understanding of how the social higheracry of status and wealth corresponded, giving her an indication that due to her class as mere soldier, she shouldn't speak unless she was being spoken or addressed to, causing her to solely focus on her training and neglect any social life she could of potentially have had.

the ruler herd of the magical abilities that were now regularly occurring with a now adult asami and ordered her to study at a magic school so she would be able to understand them and gain a way to manipulate them to her will, so she could defend mercury with her powers, hoping to bring great prosper towards the kingdom once again.
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Asami Bishop
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