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 Rayla Celadon

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PostSubject: Rayla Celadon   Fri Jan 11, 2019 8:51 pm

Name: Rayla Celadon


Gender: female


Home planet: Prism

Allegiance: the forces of good.

Origins:Magic User

Power: Rainbows


  • Rainbow arrow - shoots an arrow at a foe and attacks them with colors causing them to be confused for 10 - 15 seconds, depending on the user's willpower. low

  • Glass Barrier - A defense spell that surrounds you with a prism like shield  which if hit, lets you redirect attacks by 20% of the attacks original power to hit the  foe who cast the attacks. If  the shield is attacked enough however it will shatter. Medium

  • spectrum surge - blasts foe with powerful beams of colored light frequencies, draining their power by 35% maximum. It takes allot of energy to use this spell and can leave the user feeling weak afterwords. High

  • rainbow blast - attacks foe with a rainbow beam low

  • blinding hue - blinds foe temporally with colored lights and patterns. this spells lasts about 40 seconds. medium



  • Rayla has great hand/eye coordination. having a visual power, she uses this to her advantage and can see from somewhat far distances and can solve visual puzzles and illustrations.

  • Rayla has great combat skills, being trained in physical fighting, she doesn't rely on her power all the time to get her out of difficult situations. her skills are average and there's always room floor improvement but she strives to improve so she knows what to expect when the unexpected happens.

  • Rayla has an artistic side, most notably drawing. her style is more realistic approach but she take pride in her art and often enjoy's sketching her friends and relatives as a hobby to relax.


  • despite having good eye coordination. her eyes can be seen as a weakness. if they are damaged or blocked rayla would have a panick attack and start freaking out as her biggest fear is going blind. she wouldn't be able to think properly and could potentially unaware of what shes doing start shooting out magic attacks with no idea what or whom she's hitting.

  • her powers are weak to dark magic and energy as it drains her from her light, she also is seen to have weaker magic when in the night in comparison to  when she uses her magic in the day.

  • she often can act irrational and lash out on folk unintentionally if she hears they either have been insulting her, or insulting one of her friends. while she has been working on fixing this issue with her personality it has cause the relationship with her brother to be fractured.


rayla has a quirky personalty, quite outgoing and confident with who she is. which can come off as uncomfortable when you first meet her since she may seem ego driven but that's incorrect. she's quite down to earth despite having a princess title which she refuses to flaunt about. from her perspective, the title is a job. not a privilege. The only time she uses her title is  when she's attending meeting with her father or when visiting royalty.

her viewpoint is very black and white, she treats people with respect on their first encounter but if they offend her or anyone else unintentionally  she lashes out on them, showing off her mean streak in her personality. due to events at alfea however, her viewpoint is sightly changing and she's opening up her opinions. not being so black and white about good vs evil. letting others explain themselves first, and holding back on her nasty side.

she has  a sarcastic sense of humor and often likes to make slight comments whenever her friends say something obvious or unintentionally stupid, this is all in good fun and whenever she crosses the line with her sass she usually apologizes and tries to make up for it.

being the way she is, she takes things seriously and doesn't hesitate to throw herself under a bus for any of her friends or family. this also a double edge sword as she will also call you out if you are not pulling your weight in group exercises or training. she strives to push herself to  her limits, so she's ready for any battle or threat that occurs.


Due to the events of the omgea war, the Rayla's family were raised as the previous generation were. hostile. the kingdom of prism was against starting conflict and focus more on defending themselves on their own. Rayla grew up with this view point. thinking she needs to put the importance of her kingdom before anyone else. growing up on the planet she had a difficult relationship with her brother, as she was the eldest she was seen to be perfection, trained every day and told to behave a certain way, seen to be important as the heir to the throne while her brother was ignored.

rayla was quite skills at a young age, controlling her magic well by practicing with basic levitation spells and colour changing spells. time grew on and she was  keen to learn more, push herself even further with her magical capabilities and try and become  even stronger. her father forbade it when she asked about studying at a local school due to the worry of her brother. he had just been seen to have moonbow powers. the power that was thought to be dead and didn't want any of their children being away from home due to the return of moon power.

her relationship with her brother grew worse as time went on. he would sneak out and train in the crimson aura with his moon spells, rayla would idly sit inside the palace wall,  training her rainbow spells. hoping that  roxas would stop disobeying their fathers orders and act responsible for once. when it was decided that roxas would attend red fountain to try and teach him how to be responsible and also controll his haywire powers. they were destroying too much of the palace, rayla insisted to her parents to allow her  to study alfea so she could widen her spell set and keep a close eye on roxas, ensuring he would be okay. to her delight her parents agreed on these conditions allowing both of them to study in the magix schools. while rayla was happy for this due to her being able to advance her powers. she was more focused on mending the broken relationship she had with her brother.

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Rayla Celadon
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