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 Toy-Gadgetry Magic

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Abeash Hawthorne


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PostSubject: Toy-Gadgetry Magic   Thu Jun 18, 2015 10:34 pm

Toys is a sub-form of gadgetry. What fairies in this category can do are:

  • Communicate with toys

  • Manipulate toys

  • Animate toys

  • Make toys

  • Usage of none-elemental spells.

The toys that these fairies can control are anywhere from log toys to stuffed dolls. Only action figures and stuffed dolls can be animated, and can be grown to up to 4 feet (nothing taller than that, no matter what). The animation ability will last for 10 minutes, and any longer after the 10 minute mark will draw massive amount of energy and power from the user, and can potentially cause the fairy to faint from exhaustion. 

If this occurs, the fairy will not be able to use her abilities for another 24 hours after the fairy wakes up. Fairies can talk freely to all sorts of toys, but no one else can hear the toys, and the fairy can't project what the toys are saying to anyone else. Fairies can make toys, but only from other toy materials; toys cannot be formed out of thin air. 

Fairies of Toys have a 5 mile radius, allowing them to control toys within this radius of them. In battle, fairies can only use 3 toys at a time, and must switch out toys if they want to use another. Fairies can also use toys as armor on the body, and if this is used, the fairy can't use any other toys to fight.

They can also use medium non-elemental spells, and create magical shields and spheres with toy-based themes.
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Toy-Gadgetry Magic
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