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 Roxas Celadon

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PostSubject: Roxas Celadon   Fri Jan 11, 2019 8:56 pm

Name: Roxas Celadon

Age: 17

Gender: male

What Creature Are you?: wizard

Home planet:Prism

Origins:Magic User

Power: moon/ rainbow

allegiance: The forces of good.

  • Spells: lunner summoning- high spell,  it allows the spell caster to use energy from the moon to shoot powerful beams at their opponents, its uses allot of the users will power and magic so its only used in dire circumstances

    shining moonlight awaking - high spell, it allows the spell caster to  connect to the aura of the moon and its decedents to create a wave blast that drains the opponents power. but it only works at night and requires allot of concentration and will power to use correctly

    spectrum blast - medium spell , it allows the spell caster to blast beams of colored lights at their opponents, causing them to feel weakened for 4 minutes

    moonlight eclipse -   low spell, best used in the  night this spell allows the user to blast moon shards at their opponents

    rainbow shield - low spell, a defense spell the covers the user  in a shield to protect them from attacks

Appearance: roxas has short, think red hair, light/pale skin, and dark blue eyes. he is often seen wearing blue hoodies and black jeans, as they are comfortable and useful for any circumstance.
Roxas's casual wear:

  • Strengths: he's great inventor, he often usually works in his workshop, creating new materials to use and new ways of transport around the kingdom that didn't need to rely on technology and electricity, so it wouldn't effect the landscape of the planet

    He's a great fighter due to him training at the crimson aura. To improve his skills and constantly striving for perfection, by testing himself to his very limits on multiple occasions in order to get better

    He's a great actor, he can cover up his emotions and feelings and can act a certain way and make it believable, he uses this to his advantage by pretending to others he's self obsessed and confident, hiding his shyness and doubtfulness about himself

  • Weaknesses: His powers relies mostly on his concentration, if he gets distracted easily he can struggle to control them.

    since he has allot of insecurities he can be manipulated into doing things he shouldn't and find it hard to take any complements, despite pretending to agree with them and hide he doesn't have insecurities.

    Since his powers are solely moon, based with one two rainbow spells he is weak to fire and sunlight, instead of darkness and water

Personality: Roxas has quite a shy personality, He often won't associate with anyone and see's himself as unimportant in comparison with his sister, Despite this he pretends to be a self centered individual full of himself to hide his insecurities. There is a sort of confident side to him however,He often misbehaves and does irresponsible thing when shouldn't, and has a sassy attitude toward certain situations which usually doesn't help the situation. He has a dry sense of humor by making comments by trying to lighten the mood. he can be quite loving and despite him not wanting to admit it he does have a fondness for his family and wont hesitate to protect them. but his stubbornness does get the best of him occasionally, Causing him to freak out about situations and not thinks about things logically, He Often jumps to conclusions without thinking about the consequences can be quite hard to understand personally as he pretends to get along with everyone but only if he bonds with you and creates a link, he'll stop doing the whole "self centered obsessed" act and show you what he's really like. However since he wasn't given attention from his parents he became quite dependable and somewhat reliable. He would happily be of assistance if he was needed and wouldn't be irresponsible and find it pointless.

History: Roxas grew up on the planet of prism as part of the royal family with his sister rayla, His sister being the oldest, Was promised the kingdoms crown and not roxas. Thia caused him to feel quite invisible. He never felt the responsibility of things and would often sneak out in the middle of the night, To go to train at the crimson aura as a way to relive stress and irritation. He discovered his powers one outing to the crimson aura at the age of 14 when he snuck out the palace walls in the afternoon after having an argument with sister. He shot a blast of magic from his hands from angrily thinking about what had happened at the palace. Since his parents focused all their time in preparing rayla to be the wise ruler was suppose to be instead of teaching their son about his newly found powers revolving the moon, Roxas has a hard time getting along with his older sister and family,He often  gets himself into trouble, One incident involved him practicing magic spells which ended up in blowing a section of the palace up, Resulting in his parents deciding he had to be taught about discipline and not to misbehave. They first thought about giving him his own workshop so he could study and build inventions in there since their son had a keen interest in creating usable materials,  as that strategy worked on rayla before when she was misbehaving and received her own art studio to keep her under control. The workshop did work for a while but it wasn't long until roxas found a way to cause more havoc. He would always invent objects and new materials in order to improve stability on the planet but usually, it wouldn't go to plan, Despite being a good inventor on more than one occasion he would end up destroying more and more of the castle as he tried to fuse materials together. It was the last straw that broke the kings back, He was irritated with his son being to irresponsible, He needed him to stop acting childish and mature. Roxas was sent to "red fountain" in a attempt to teach  him how to use his powers correctly and also discipline him into being less irresponsible. He saw this as pointless though as he wasn't the child being raised to rule the kingdom so why should it matter? he had no responsibilities, so why should he care? He still agreed to go to the collage and despite not enjoying it, It was helping him control his moon powers.
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Roxas Celadon
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