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 Eros Acherman

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PostSubject: Eros Acherman   Fri Jan 11, 2019 8:54 pm

Name: Eros Acherman
Age: 21
Gender: male
What Creature Are you?: human
Race: venus/ aloura iris
weapon : bow and arrow

Appearance: eros has short blond hair that usually has small curls at the front. dark green eyes, fair skin that quite pale with a slight small tan. he often wears white shirts with waistcoats and dark jeans usually blue denim, as well as wearing a trilby and white converse shoes.
His specialist outfit, is the classic uniform, with cape and everything with a red claps to hold the cape into place.

Eor's casual wear:

personality: eros is often quite cold and distant toward people, while he can be very charming and at like a gentleman, he can come up as stuck up and pretentious when he comes across certain personality types. he often gets judgmental and thinks the worst of people since he believes that people can be very idealistic and need to return back to reality. Due to this, he's often seen as an unplesent guy by some, and while he ignores their remarks he still cant help but glare and critizize those who prejudge him. he does have a sorter side and can be somewhat of a hopeless romantic, while he may believe life isn't a fairy tale, he does have the optimism that perhaps he will find someone right for him. even so he can be quite bad at relationships since from his past experiences. However, he is good at maintaining male freindships and being a reliable freind or ali when in need, his problems lie in girls, not boys.

he's great at writing
              he's great at combat fighting
              he's very observant and pays good attention to detail, which can be a strength since it can be very useful in strategical situations, like fights.  

he has an allergy to peanut
when he comes across certain personality types he can be quite rude and disrespectful, hurting others unintentionally by being quite harsh about his comments
 he often doesn't listen to people's advice and disregards what they have to say, usually ending up with him making decisions he would later regret.

History: Eros was born on the planet of Venus where he lived with his mother and father for the first part of his life until he was 9. his mother was a fairy from Venus while his father was from the kingdom of Auora iris whom moved to  Venus to be with his love and start a family. when Eros was born, everything seemed happy, but in reality his mother and father were having problems. due to this they wouldn't spend much time with their son and when they did it was always seen as a competition to be his favorite parent many nights the two would have disagreement until it got to the point Eros watched his mother, with tears streaming down her eyes as she packed her sons belonging into a case and handed it over to his father, his father nodded at his crying mother and took Eros way from her grasp where the  two returned to his fathers home on Aloura iris.

Eros's life on the star kingdom wasn't unpleasant but it was still missing the feeling of a family, while his father did the best he could, he grew up with the mentality that overly happy, optimistic people needed to be blast back to reality as in life you will always face heartbreak. his relationship with his father did grow stronger but he still wished he could have had a decent enough relationship with his mother, whom had seemed too  have moved location and made it perfectly clear she wanted nothing to do with her son and old family. at the age of 14 when he was attending regular schooling, Eros discovered his skill with a bow and arrow, this accrued in gym class when the class was doing a lesson on archery and Eros had a natural skill for the sport, his father paid fro private lessons for his archery, and as even given his own bow which was said to be made from materials from his original home Venus. he kept the bow close to him, as he saw it as a part of his mother since it was the only thing he could associate with her.
When he grew to the age of 19 he decided it was best for him to leave aoura iris and go to red fountain, he wanted to exelle his archery abilities and thought it would be practical of him to use his skills for survival  and combat. so her enrolled at the collage to try and fill the feeling of emtpyness he had when his family split apart.
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Eros Acherman
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