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 Psychic Magic

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Abeash Hawthorne


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PostSubject: Psychic Magic   Thu Jun 18, 2015 10:33 pm

Users who have psychic powers have the following abilities:

  • Long-distanced communications.

  • Long-distanced teleportations.

  • The ability to use magical attacks that are psychic-themed.

  • The ability to use psychic-based spells in light form. (This still doesn't change the fact they are psychic attacks. They are just light-shaped due to the fact many psychic spells come in this shape).

  • Healing abilities.

These users are considered supporters and attackers in the same time, they have the abilities to use long-ranged attacks and at the same time they can use minor healing abilities. Their ability to communicate and travel at long distances is nothing but what a normal psychic user can do. Their minds are overly engineered to be able to use such communications and teleportations, and have also the ability to sustain pressure and stress more than others due to their well-developed minds.

Their magical spells are psychic-themed and related, and can come in various shapes from waves to light. Their attacks sometimes are specialized in headaches or mental damage, but they can be physical and do damage as much as others. Their body have been also developed well to sustain magical attacks that come from another psychic users, making psychic users, defensive for other psychic users. In other words, psychic users are born with a defensive body against psychic attacks, but they have a disadvantage for fire attacks.

Their powers are usually boosted in areas with many people as they gain a little bit of extra energy from their surroundings if it's full of people.
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Psychic Magic
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