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 Love Magic

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Abeash Hawthorne


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PostSubject: Love Magic   Thu Jun 18, 2015 10:40 pm

Fairies who are under the power of Love have the following abilities:

  • Infatuate their enemies.

  • Cause headache using minor psychic abilities.

  • Attack using love-related spells.

  • The ability to heal more efficiently than others.

Those fairies who have the power of love can charm their enemies to do their bidding or anything they want for a limited period of time. Their attacks aren't elemental so they don't have an advantage over others, but as repayment, their attacks most of the time have stun effects. The ability of stunning can't be used too much or else it'll be considered god modding, which is something we don't allow here.

Fairies who have the powers of love should not be mixed with Psychic users, due to their abilities to cause headaches with their abilities which seems a bit similar to psychic ones, as they are not affiliated with them in any angle. Their powers appear to be simple, but their spells can deal damage the same as any others ones, just a little bit weaker.

They have the highest stamina of all, causing them the ability to use more spells than any other users. This makes love users really good supporters, as they have some good healing abilities to heal others. This repays them for their loss in effects and power, as they are ones of the best supporters.
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Love Magic
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