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 Fire-Based Magic

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Abeash Hawthorne


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PostSubject: Fire-Based Magic   Thu Jun 18, 2015 10:46 pm

Fire users have the abilities to:

  • Creation of fire.

  • Manipulation of fire

  • Heat up their surroundings.

  • Absorption of Fire.

  • Usage of Flame-themed spells.

  • Having resistance to the flames for a limited time according to how long the fairy have been training. 

This power can't be abused by walking on flames without getting hurt; walking through fire. Of course, when a person of this type is burning, they would feel the fire on their skin but would sustain the fire for a bit longer time than others. Their skin is also somewhat of resistant for flames more than others, as they can touch flames for few seconds without getting burned. 

The fairy can use spells to enhance the ability of touching for a matter of seconds to few minutes ONLY.They can't of course absorb magical fire attacks, but they would take a bit of less damage from them due to their element being fire. Nor they are allowed to absorb magical flames or control them unless they are very experienced in this and are at least in the rank of a Believix fairy. 

Their powers seem to somewhat increase in hotter areas (Hot springs are not included as hot areas.) and seem to decrease a little bit in colder areas. Their spells are fire-based and themed, and their attacks when used on a target, the target triggers some burns on them if they're not magical.
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Fire-Based Magic
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