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 Animal-Based Magic

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Abeash Hawthorne


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PostSubject: Animal-Based Magic   Thu Jun 18, 2015 10:52 pm

Fairies that have the power over animals have the abilities to:

  • Communicate with other animals on a radius varying from 100 meters to a mile, depending on how the fairy is experienced in this type of communication.

  • The ability to make animals talk.

  • The ability to make animals do their bidding.

  • The power of granting animal objects life for a limited time to do their job.

  • Usage of Animal-themed spells.

Fairies of this power can understand and communicate with animals and even talk mentally to other fairies of this power on a scale of 30 kilometers. They can also command any animal to do what they want, but there are exceptions such as magical animals such as magical dragons, (Ex. The Dragon Fire, as it's not even an animal but a magical power.) harpies, and any sort of magical beings that looks like animals. 

Only type of dragons that can be controlled by them is the type of normal dragons, which is in no way affiliated to magic or born from magical powers. They can also use magical spells as firing orbs of magic and such but they have to be connected to their animal powers. 

Granting animal-like objects life is a limited time ability to make these objects do their bidding, and sometimes use simple magical attacks or ferociously attack on the enemy. They also use animal-themed spells to attack enemies, and their spells are somewhat faster than other spells when it comes to unleashing the attack.
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Animal-Based Magic
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