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 Gem-Based Magic

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Abeash Hawthorne


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PostSubject: Gem-Based Magic   Thu Jun 18, 2015 10:45 pm

Users who have the powers of gems have the following abilities:

  • Usage of certain gems for elemental attacks.

These users have magical abilities related to the elemental gems they have. Their powers are elemental and are almost equal to other powers as any other user. Only difference is that their spells are all gem-related in names and shapes, and they have less elemental powers. They have control over 2 elements, making their stamina lower and their attacks slower and lower by 20%.

These users who have the control over 2 gems are considered, for example, "Fairy of The Pink Diamonds and Rubies" and so on.

The gems, have somewhat elemental damage and each user have control over 2 gems, a.k.a 2 elements. The gems and there elements are listed below:

  • Diamond: Ice.

  • Zicron: Water.

  • Ruby: Fire.

  • Sapphire: Storms.

  • Gold: Electricity.

  • Cat's Eye: Storms.

  • Opal: Moon.

  • Emerald: Earth.

  • Pink Diamond: Air.

  • Blue Ruby: Technology.

  • Pearl: Love.

  • Spinel: Jinx.

  • Topaz: Poison.

  • Birthstone: Absorption.

  • Alexandrite: Psychic.

  • Quartz: Sound.

  • Apatite: Photokinesis.

  • Axinite: Darkness.

  • Calcite: Woods.

  • Peridot: Justice.

  • Pietersite: War.

  • Scapolite: Illusions.

  • Sodalite: Morphix.

  • Danburate: Lasers

Allowed gems mixed together:

  • Apatite & Axinite

  • Diamond & Zicron

  • Pink Diamond & Ruby

  • Calcite & Emerald

  • Blue Ruby & Gold

  • Quartz & Cat's Eye

  • Scapolite & Topaz

  • Axinite & Alexandrite

  • Topaz & Alexandrite

  • Sodalite & Zicron

  • Pearl & Spinel

  • Daburate & Sapphire

Note that from each power you can only have 50% from every power so we maintain stable role-playing and prevent god-modding. 
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Gem-Based Magic
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