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 Wood Magic

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Abeash Hawthorne


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PostSubject: Wood Magic   Thu Jun 18, 2015 10:09 pm

Users of wood have the ability to:

  • Use Earth-based attacks.

  • Use Wind-based attacks.

  • The ability to talk to plants.

These users are a mix of earth and wind users, causing them to be one of the people who have higher stamina. Their attacks are weaker than normal earth and wind users, but are repaid by using two elements and having the ability to use spells more than normal users. They can seem to talk to plants, and their powers seem to increase when they're surrounded by plants.

Their powers are weaker in hotter days. They are also able to summon weaker wind based attacks such as small tornadoes, hurricanes, fierce wind etc. but they are weaker than other wind users or semi-wind users. But instead of lots of power, they are able to use this power a lot more than wind users and semi-wind users.

Using earth-based spells along with wind attacks seems to add from their power spells, as most of their attacks are related to wood-like shapes and spells. They are also able to cause weak earthquakes and control earth objects, but only for a limited amount of time unlike normal earth users.

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Wood Magic
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