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 Shape-Shifting Magic

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Abeash Hawthorne


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PostSubject: Shape-Shifting Magic   Thu Jun 18, 2015 10:32 pm

Users who are under Shape-Shifting have the following abilities:

  • Changing looks into any object or person and gain their powers.

  • Changing their arms into weapons

  • Changing their legs into a vehicle when desired

  • The use of non-elemental spells.

Shape-shifters are able to morph their appearances, as well as body to almost any shape. Their entire body cannot be morphed, however; only their arm, legs, and appearance. They can morph their arms into weapons, specifically something with a sharp edge. They cannot morph their hands into guns or other such things that require ammo. Their legs can morph into vehicle form.

They can not change into magical beings such as The Dragon Flame, Arcadia, The Water Stars, The Ancestral Witches etc.. They can change their looks into, for example, Faragonda but they can't have her transformations and her spells she know. They gain just her physical powers. Dinosaurs, dragons, whales are accepted. But the use of this ability too much isn't allowed, because it'll be considered god modding and we don't allow this here.

They can also use non-elemental spells to damage their opponents. These can damage same as any other elemental spells, they just don't have any elemental advantages or disadvantages over other magic users. Their spells can be any shape such as a fire, water, ice etc. just without the elemental damage of fire, ice, thunder etc.

Note: They CAN NOT take powers of strong beings such as Poletia, Valtor, Arcadia, The Dragon Flame, etc. Stuff as birds, humans, fairies, etc. are allowed. But it is NOT allowed to for an OC to take powers of another OC.
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Shape-Shifting Magic
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