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 The Fairy Guide - Magic Through The Ages

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Abeash Hawthorne


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PostSubject: The Fairy Guide - Magic Through The Ages   Fri Jun 19, 2015 6:14 pm

So you've decided to have a Fairy Original Character, congratulations! 

Much like in the show, fairies within this forum transform through metamorphosis and have the ability to use magic. Whilst there are other types of fairies; such as Rustic Fairies and Ethereal Fairies, these forms will not be available for they are still not fully known and as to what their capabilities are. 

The source of Fairy Magic is from the positive magical energy of the Universe, to which is located within the Tree of Life from the Pixie Village. If the balance between these forces were to be tampered with, one will be weaker than the other. 

During metamorphosis transformation, not only do fairies gain a beautiful pair of wings, but they also are given a set of outfits which reflects upon the magic and personality of each fairy, or possibly their home planets.

As of today, there are only about five gain-able transformations available, these transformations varying from:

  • Basic Form
  • Enchantix
  • Believix
  • Sirenix
  • Butterflix

Each transformation is gained through certain acts that a fairy performs, to which if they are deemed worthy, they will gain the transformation. Each certain acts are explained as followed:

  • Basic Form - this is the lowest level of transformation amongst all the transformations available. Within this form, fairies are able to use their magic easily than in their civilian form, and are capable of flying as they grow a pair of wings. This transformation is earned when a fairy gains enough will-power and fully believes in their capabilities as a fairy. Charmix can also be earned, to which it boosts the magical energy of a fairy and allows them to use their magic in areas where they typically cannot use magic within (e.g Shadow-haunt). It is gained when a fairy overcomes a great difficulty, to which a brooch will appear on their chest area certifying their earning of the power.

  • Enchantix - said to be the final fairy form, Enchantix is the transformation to which certifies the fairy as a full-pledged fairy, bestowing upon them the magical capabilities of using magic such as; Enchantix Fairy dust to dispell dark magic, being able to use miniature dust to shrink themselves, and the ability to heal themselves and others. Fairies gain a new pair of beautiful wings upon gaining Enchantix, as well as a new transformation outfit. In order to gain Enchantix, one must perform a sacrificial act to which benefits another from the fairy's home planet. Enchantix fairies are the Guardian Fairies of the Magic Dimension, and upon accomplishing this transformation are fairies able to graduate from Alfea College for Fairies.

  • Believix - the main power of this transformation is to make people open their hearts to good feelings, and make them believe in magic. This transformation offers three sets of wings, Zoomix; allowing fairies to teleport themselves, Tracix; allowing fairies to magically connect to places and see its history, as well as Speedix; a pair of wings that enable fairies to fly etremely fast. Believix is earned when fairies convince someone who does not believe in magic to do so, bringing positive power which brings forth the magic of Believix.

  • Sirenix - is an ancient power that was born out of the magic of the oceans. It provides fairies with stronger magic underwater, as well as access to the Infinite Ocean. In order to gain Sirenix, fairies must first search for the Book of Sirenix, to which upon unlocking it, will the book grant them aid via Guardians of Sirenix. These Guardians will grant fairies the temporary power of Harmonix, enabling fairies to become stronger underwater to complete the Sirenix Quest; being to collect the different gems that are requested by the Book of Sirenix. 

  • Butterflix - a magic transformation that is earned upon fairies commiting themselves to protecting the animals of the Magic Dimension. Once nature acknowledges this, fairies are surrounded by the Butterflix power and soon begin to transform into their Butterflix form. In order to gain this transformation, one must focus on their will to protect the magical animals of the Magic Dimension.
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The Fairy Guide - Magic Through The Ages
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