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 Darkness Magic

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Abeash Hawthorne


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PostSubject: Darkness Magic   Thu Jun 18, 2015 10:48 pm

Users of darkness have the following abilities:

  • Manipulation of shadows.

  • Using dark-based spells.

  • Manipulation of darkness.

  • Attack using negative energy.

These users are able to hide in shadows and darkness and have better vision in dark areas. They can change the shapes of shadows, their sizes, and hide in the shadows too. They are able to counterattack light attacks more than get damage from them. They are mostly weak against thunder attacks and are strong against light attacks.

They use mostly dark-based skills and are known for their noticeable speed in attacking. They also have a balanced defense and attack making them ideal in everything. Their attacks are sometimes waves of negative energy, hence the fact all of their spells are made out of negative energy. 

Darkness users have sometimes a rare side-effect which is making enemies feel scared or under a huge pressure, making them wonder what to do or are too scared to move or do any step. This side-effect is rare and can only be done by advanced users, no rank less than Enchantix/DisEnchantix can use this ability SOMETIMES.

Their powers seem to increase at the night and decrease in the day. If they were in a huge, dark area, they gain a lot more energy in attacking, but this energy can't be used much due to their energy being drained quicker from using strong attacks a lot of times. Their powers also seem to increase in cold areas and decrease in hot areas.If they are surrounded by lots of lights, their powers will decrease, but they gain a repayment in a boost of speed.

They are known for their ability to freeze people for a limited amount of time when they are near their shadow. They can freeze the movement by manipulating the desired person's shadow to stop moving. This ability is for only 2 minutes for basic users and no more than 15 minutes for very strong users (such as Sirenix beings). 
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Darkness Magic
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