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 Earth Magic

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Abeash Hawthorne


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PostSubject: Earth Magic   Thu Jun 18, 2015 10:47 pm

Magic users who have the power of Earth have the abilities to:

  • Creating small earthquakes nothing more than 4.0 AT MAX

  • Making plants grow.

  • Talking to plants.

  • The ability to move rocks, plants, leaves, and items of these sorts for these users

  • Usage of Earth-based spells.

These fairies can cause earthquakes no higher than 4.0 at the Richter Scale. When talking to plants, they talk to them mentally by touching or by sharing thoughts and no one but the fairies of these types and the other plants around the area on a radius of 1 to 10 KM can hear the shared thoughts.

They can carry earth objects such as rocks, woods, plants, fruits and these sorts of objects with their magic around them to use them as a defense or to throw them at a target or even move them to another area. They in no way can control or move faraway objects, or even stop meteors from crashing into the planet, change their direction, or even move or control a planet's nature or the way it rotates.

Their spells are slow Earth-themed and shaped. As they use spells that usually involve Earth materials and names. None the less, they are usually strong against thunder attacks.
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Earth Magic
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