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Abeash Hawthorne


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PostSubject: Photokenises   Thu Jun 18, 2015 10:36 pm

Users under photokinesis have the following abilities:

  • The usage of light-based spells.

  • Manipulation of light.

  • The ability to illuminate their surroundings.

  • The ability to withstand almost any sort of light in their eyes.

  • Usage of minimum thunder attacks.

These users are considered to be able to use light-based attacks and spells at their opponents and have power advantage over thunder spells. They also have a disadvantage at dark spells. Their powers, during the day, seem to increase a little, while they also decrease a little bit during the night. 

They can NOT stand staying in the darkness too long, or their powers will fade away until they are in a source of light again. Their ability to shine the area around them is limited, as they are using lots of energy to shine the area around them. This ability can't be used more than 40 minutes for strong beings such as Sirenix users.

They have a protective photo-shield on their eyes which makes them withstand any sort of light in their eyes including stars but NO more than 10 minutes (EX. The sun.) They are also able to use a little bit of thunder-like form of spells, but they are either weak or found as a small portion mixed with a light spell. An example for a spell like this might be Holy Thunder, or Holy Arrow with a bit of electricity around the arrow.
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