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 Star Magic

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Abeash Hawthorne


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PostSubject: Star Magic   Thu Jun 18, 2015 10:27 pm

Fairies who have the power of Stars have the abilities to:

  • Use stars-based spells.

  • Use of light-based spells.

  • The ability to use fire-based spells.

  • Usage of healing-like spells.

These fairies are considered special due to the usage of 4 elements. But each attack is considered weaker by 40% than other elemental users at first. Stars users need about 7-9 years of training to master all of their powers so their powers are actually effective as others. The training time might be very long, but they will be the strongest of all when they master their training.

If the period isn't applied and they have gained Sirenix transformation for example, their powers will be weaker by 25% instead of 40%. They might be weaker in attacking, but they have usage of lots of spells making them able to counter most attacks. They have a little bit of a low stamina than others causing them to use less spells than other somehow.

Their powers, when they are at their zenith, their strength equals the one for their transformation. Meaning, an Enchantix fairy can have powerful spells. For example, if the fairy finished her training of the 7-9 years and is still an Enchantix fairy, her powers are as equal as any other Enchantix fairy finally. The advantage is, that they have control over 4 powers making them have great advantage over other Enchtnaix fairies.

Sirenix fairies are still considered stronger, but they have access to one power if they aren't considered fairies of Stars. Star fairies will be as strong as other Sirenix fairies if they gained Sirenix, but as stated, they will have 4 elements to control unlike others (Only if the long training period finished).
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Star Magic
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