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 Underground Royal Jewelry Room 

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PostSubject: Underground Royal Jewelry Room     Thu Jun 18, 2015 11:22 am

The Underground Royal Jewelry Room contains artifacts that are both magical and dangerous. The only way to enter the room is via the use of a Moon Spell by a Moon Kingdom Bloodline Royalty, or through the use of the Moon Priestess' Unsealing Magic. This is so that the items inside are kept safe and away from the eyes of evil.

Artifacts inside consists of:

Necklace of Harmonia - enables it's wearer to remain eternally young and beautiful, however it brings great misfortune to those who wear them.
Ring of Dispel - a ring given to Helios by Goddess Artermis which could dispel any enchantment. If worn for too long, the user could lose their magic forever.
Ring of Gaia - a magical artifact that granted its owner the power of camouflage at will, a present to the Moon Royalty from the Earth's Queen, Morgana.
Seal of Acheron - a magical brass or steel ring that could imprison monsters; recovered from the Legendarium by one of the previous Guardians.
Crescent Wrath Sword - a magical sword forged by King Helios in
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Underground Royal Jewelry Room 
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